Originally born from a university project and created by Thomas Raoult, the International Vocal Ensemble of Luxembourg has developed this taste for studying the a cappella repertoire with an analytical and historical approach.
The idea is to seek the finest interpretation of the harmonic colors and to bring out the contrapuntal lines in the clearest way. This makes it possible to reproduce as faithfully as possible the emotion desired by the composer.

Its repertoire extends from near-baroque music to contemporary music with an avowed aim of making clear and evident the finesse of the writings of the composers who have marked the choral repertoire.
In march 2017, The International Vocal Ensemble of Luxembourg was entrusted with the world premiere of the piece “Carmen 2” by the Maltese composer Joseph Vella at the Abbey of Neumünster.

From this plebiscite by the public and the composer himself, a long-term collaboration was born between the International Vocal Ensemble of Luxembourg, Malta and Joseph Vella.

On december 05, 2021, Lux Vocalis begins a fruitful collaboration with the Luxembourg Chamber Players to celebrate the 230th anniversary of the death of W.A. Mozart by presenting his Requiem.

A sold-out concert, highly acclaimed by the public.

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